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“For Country, For Club, For Beer” “Poker Night #1” “KC Blvd: Campers” “KC Blvd: Love Child #01” “KC Blvd: Pale Ale #2” “KC Blvd: Untitled Brew #08” “Sixth Glass” “KC Boulevard: Untitled Brew #1” “KC Boulevard: Cheers!” “KC Boulevard: Stemware” “KC Boulevard: Tank 7” “KC Boulevard: Pop the Top” “KC Boulevard: Untitled Brew #2” “KC Boulevard: Untitled Brew #4” “KC Boulevard: Untitled Brew #5” “KC Boulevard: 80-Acres” “KC Blvd: Hoppy Wheat” “Millennium Falcon ” “KC Blvd: Bob's 47” “KC Blvd: Smoke Stacks” “KC Blvd: Tank 7 #1” “Performing Arts Center” “Performing Arts Center” “Be Still my Heart” “A Downtown Flight” “Art Shuttle” “Kauffman Stadium” “Vanderslice Hall” “Vaile Mansion” “Work & Play” “Grains of Golden Sand” “KC Blvd: Tank 7 #2” “KC Blvd: Tank 7 #3” “KC Blvd: Tank 7 #4” “KC Blvd: Tank 7 #5” “KC Blvd: Tank 7 #6” “KC Boulevard: Untitled Brew #3” “KC Boulevard: Untitled Brew #6” “Nevermore...” “The Hideous Heart” “Masquerade” “Pluto's Eye” “'Til the Candles Burn” “Carnival of Demise” “Tis Nothing More...” “Lenore?” “Untitled Poe” “The Raven” “Untitled Poe #2” “SKULLS: 10-01-2014” “SKULLS: 10-03-2014” “SKULLS: 10-02-2014” “SKULLS: 10-04-2014” “SKULLS: 10-05-2014” “SKULLS: 10-06-2014” “SKULLS: 10-07-2014” “SKULLS: 10-08-2014” “SKULLS: 10-09-2014” “SKULLS: 10-10-2014” “SKULLS: 10-11-2014” “SKULLS: 10-12-2014” “SKULLS: 10-13-2014” “SKULLS: 10-14-2014” “SKULLS: 10-15-2014” “SKULLS: 10-16-2014” “SKULLS: 10-17-2014” “SKULLS: 10-18-2014” “SKULLS: 10-19-2014” “SKULLS: 10-24-2014” “SKULLS: 10-22-2014” “SKULLS: 10-25-2014” “KC Boulevard: Tank 7 - commissioned” “SKULLS: Sugar” “Wrigley Field” “Western Auto Building #3” “Miramonte Winery, SD CA” “Gallery Lawn” “Maelström” “Cowork'n in Waldo” “Self portrait” “Weathering the Storm” “Lost at Sea” “Deuce's Wild” “Grandpa's 56” “Pickup Chrome” “Pablo Picasso” “John Lennon” “E.A. Poe” “The Raven” “Reed #1” “Reed #2” “Reed #3” “Reed #4” “Kauffman Performing Arts” “Unlocked Potential” “Western Auto Building” “Country Club Plaza” “Western Auto Building” “Main Street Trio” “Smoke Stack” “Birdie” “On the gallery lawn” “Beer Garden” “Historical Games” “PEZ!” “Western Auto Building” “A plaza snow” “Shuttle Art” “Shuttle Art #2”

Wayne A Wilkes
Shawnee, KS 66216

email: art@waynewilkes.com
phone: (816) 304.0478