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Collection: Hilliard Gallery

Weathering the Storm

Specs: 24inx36in Oil on canvas



Description: All are familiar with the self-portrait, artists have been creating them for years. Early Master's portraits allowed us to not only see their likeness, but also allowed us a peek into their existence, into their souls. Portraits took time, were commissioned and were meant to bare the subjects’ soul. What if we could see beyond the face, the aesthetic beauty or even beyond the aged wear of the face, through the eyes and into a person's depth. What image(s) would a soul convey?

Location: Hilliard Gallery 1820 McGee St. Kansas City, Mo 64108
Show Dates: First Friday August 7th , 2015 and Runs through September 26th

The Hilliard Gallery, in the crossroads art district, Kansas City, Mo

Wayne A Wilkes
Shawnee, KS 66216

email: art@waynewilkes.com
phone: (816) 304.0478